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As many of you may know, along with standard programming, the Paradisa Network also offers a variety of special episodes featuring all of your favorite stars! Some will be in familiar roles, and some will break new ground. And it is our very special honor to introduce our very own Risette to this fine collection of talent!

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Want to know about Risette's supporting cast, or the stars of other top-rated dramas on [community profile] paradisa featuring our very own Rise Kujikawa in prominent guest roles? Everything's all here in this conveniently organized guide!

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An innocent high-school idol is whisked away from her work to a magical castle paradise, filled with strange inhabitants and even stranger magic!

What perils will befall her in this land which is most certainly not what it seems?! And what bonds will she forge with the other inhabitants?

Tune in to [community profile] paradisa for each shocking episode!

Also, in a thrilling twist, Risette's adventures continue in many other Paradisa network spectaculars! Check listings daily for new episodes, crossovers and guest-starring appearances!

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What do you think? Am I showing the real Rise, or hiding behind a fake mask? Is anything inconsistent, or just plain wrong? Maybe I've forgotten something important? No matter what it is, let me know here!

All comments are now screened, and IP logging is off.

Don't want to leave a comment? Contact me directly instead!

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Hiii, you've reached Rise!

I'm busy right now, but if you leave me a message I promise I'll get back to you soon!

Try not to spam me with fanmail, okay?


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